Sunday, September 5, 2010

How Can We Help

With the term ‘safari’, do you picture hardened travelers and explorers with a do or die attitude? That was the past and the present is that the term ‘family safari’ has become more of an official collective noun for travel expeditions with kids and parents through remote and wild geographical regions.


When parents are adventure loving, so will the next generation. If parents can enjoy riding on elephants, then why not their kids? We realize the significance of making children competitive and strong enough to make gold from hay, to thrive in the thrill of wild safaris.


Safari journeys for all


Putting it in one phrase, we give the blueprint of your safari before you start the journey.


The blueprint has it all:


Your destinations
Route plan
Resting stops and stays
Forest reserves to be visited
Available adventures
Animal Rides
Recreation for kids
Camping area and inside facilities
Security concerns and protection measures
Knowing local cultures
Documents and certificates to be carried
Emergency contacts
Team members
Transport and communication status

For some families, you will have a plethora of concerns when you take your kids with you. We are here to remove them as we conduct special sessions for making the tourists accustomed to the diverse conditions they are likely to face in the journey.

We select the best of the places, the best weather and the best support systems to make your family bonds stronger with the safari. A surprise will await you at each stopping spot and you are sure to get overwhelmed.

We are unveiling a limited period special membership schemes for safari planners. If you avail the membership which is to be done by paying small premiums at regular intervals, you can enroll into any safari trip with us with astounding discounts.
Wield your binoculars, hats and get the smaller ones for the smaller heroes.